Europe-South Division

Jean-Christophe Chwat

The Europe-South division, representing c.35% the group’s annual revenue, is led by Jean-Christophe Chwat and is headquartered in Paris, France.

The division is predominantly based in France with smaller operations in Spain and Italy.

The division is focused on delivery of physical protection solutions alongside technological solutions. The former, achieved through the rental of physical products, namely Steel and Doors, accounts for 29% of revenue. Technology solutions, comprising Towers and Alarms, contribute a further 29% of revenue. Preservation and safeguarding services are also a key revenue driver with a focus on Guarding in the construction industry achieving 23% revenue.

In January 2020, the division launched their new protection through occupation proposition Résidents Temporaires” which has successfully delivered £0.3m revenue in FY21.

The Southern Europe business is a maturing division operating across traditional security services, serving a blue chip client base

Meet the team managing our business within the Europe-South division

Arnaud de Jager


VPSitex is a French-based business led by Arnaud de Jager, General Manager, who joined the company in 2018

Vincent Pailler


Prodomo is a French-based business led by Vincent Pallier, General Manager, who joined the company in 2017


Résidents Temporaires

In January 2020, Résidents Temporaires” was launched offering customers across France our protection through occupation services. The business is led by Antoine Allaire, Director, who joined the company starting in Prodomo in 2009.

Carlos Olazabal

VPS Spain

VPS Spain is led by Carlos Olazabal, Interim Managing Director, who joined the company in January 2021.

Alessandro Verdiani

VPS Italy

VPS Italy is led by Alessandro Verdiani, Managing Director, who joined the company in 2011.