Europe - North

Jeroen van der Poel

The Europe-North division, representing c.7% the group’s annual revenue, is led by Jeroen van der Poel and is headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The division is based predominantly across the Netherlands and Germany, with additional presence in Belgium and Poland. The division delivers vacant property and site protection with a mix of physical and technology solutions, most notably Tower technology, Alarms and Fire Alert products which collectively account for 37% of FY20 revenue whilst Steel and Doors represent a further 8% of revenue.

The division is also focussed on the delivery of protection by use services – VPS Guardians (equating to 46% of the division’s revenue) which secures unused buildings on behalf of local authorities and property owners and a further 29% of revenue comes from monitored technology solutions with a particularly strong growth rate in Towers.

The Europe-North division serves a mature end market with a focus on both physical protection and a well-established Guardians business.

Meet the team managing our business within the VPS UK and Ireland division

Jan Willem

VPS Netherlands Security Services

VPS Netherlands Security Services is led by Jan Willem, Business Manager, who joined the company in 2014.

Lucca Corazza

VPS Netherlands Guardians

VPS Netherlands Security Services is led by Lucca Corazza, Business Unit Manager.

Piotr Pluta

VPS Germany

VPS Germany is led by Piotr Pluta, Managing Director, who joined the company in January 2013.