VPS UK and Ireland

Craig Robb

The VPS UK and Ireland division, representing c.30% the group’s annual revenue, is led by Craig Robb, Interim Managing Director, and is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. 

The division operates across the UK and Ireland with the UK being the largest and most developed of the group’s end markets, offering the broadest range of security solutions to customers in this geography. The division is principally focused on the delivery of monitored technology solutions (32%), physical protection (11%) and the remainder from human intervention including protection by use – our UK Guardians Offering (7%).

The VPS UK and Ireland division benefits from the capabilities of a remote video response centre (RVRC) which allows operators to remotely monitor sites secured by the group and escalate any issues immediately at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned security. The RVRC is both a key pillar within UK&I security solutions and differentiates its offering from other divisions both within The VPS Group and its competitors.

The VPS UK and Ireland division is The VPS Group’s most developed division and is continuing to identify clear opportunities, serving as a blueprint for future growth across the group.